As a Bromley wedding photographer, Francesca specialises in recording weddings in the most authentic way of telling the story of the day as it really is.  Her ability to put people at ease results in photographs which capture the true essence of your wedding day in a beautiful, creative way.”

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“I have always loved the way a photograph can preserve a particular moment in time and I am constantly seeking out those spontaneous moments which really convey the essence of a person or the mood of a group.”  

Hi, I'm Francesca

I'm A bromley Wedding Photographer and I specialise in documentary and unstaged photography. i like to capture the emotions and every moment of your day but very quietly and in a discrete way.   i'LL MAKE SURE THAT YOUR WEDDING day IS  SAVED FOREVER IN BEAUTIFUL IMAGES . 

I'm a Bromley wedding photographer covering all London and Kent. After years of photography, I found what I really like and what I 'm good at.  It's the journalistic approach. Recording beautiful reality and make your heart sing when you go through your images. Whether I’m photographing families, weddings or special occasions, I seek out those spontaneous moments which really convey the essence of a person or the mood of a group.

Ensuring my clients are comfortable and trust me is crucial and I can't stress enough the importance of  meeting you as a couple in person or, if we live too far, via Skype. or let's talk over the phone. A wedding is a big thing and you want to make sure that you choose the right photographer 🙂 .It makes such a big difference, for you and for me.

Once we met, I want to make sure I know exactly what is important for you and  the exact structure of your day to anticipate moments and emotions and and cover absolutely everything . It's also important that you are relaxed and you trust me so that you can enjoy your day. As a wedding photographer I feel very privileged to cover such an intimate role:  in fact,  I'll be the only person which will be with you practically all day. Even if you don't see me. 

If you are looking for a documentary and reportage style wedding photographer in Bromley, London  or Kent I would love working for you



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