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London documentary wedding photographer

London Documentary Wedding Photographer

A wedding is a celebration of two people in love, shared with family and friends. It is also an occasion to record the emotions, the love and the joy of the day to be replayed over again for years to come. Because you want to remember and you want your kids to remember too.

Memories unfortunately don't last long at all, and in time they get more and more blurred.  Thankfully, photography is a tool that allows people to hold onto these memories and tresure them in time. The photographer is the person you choose who will craft these memories for you.  It's the photographer's eye his heart that you have to trust  as he will put together these moments for you in his way of seeing things.  A very important role indeed!

My aim is to create this for you: I will document your wedding through a collection of beautiful images which will tell the story of your wedding day

My approach is very natural and simple and here is how i work:

  • I watch and create without interfering your day or what you are doing.
  • I do pay attention to the importance of the group shots which I keep light and organised.
  • For the couple, I want you to be you, and with no poses, I will just give you a gentle guide to emphatize the love between you two. And love makes people beautiful., you don't have to act or do anything weird!

My style of photography is very descrete and I am respectful of the natural flow of the events blending in as much as possible.

I want to be your photographer and your friend in this occasion. This is why it is super important to meet up in a consultation meeting or keep in contact via skype (if we live too far) because this will make us know eachother better and you'll trust me and we'll understand eachother better so that I'll deliver something unique and precious, tailor made, for you.

I am available to come and visit you or set up a skype call depending on the circumstances.

After the wedding

After the wedding, it will take about 3 to 4 weeks for the gallery to be ready for you to view. Unless specified, as part of the creative process I will select which images are processed for colour or black & White

I will deliver a minimum of 300 processed images, manually edited one by one (for full coverage weddings)

You will have access to a private protected gallery that you can share with family and friend

You will have a video slideshow with a selection of the images to tell the story of your wedding day

I can provide professional photos albums or prints at additional cost.  I will show you some samples during our consultation meeting.